Connecting Isle of Wight Businesses With Your Ideal Clients

An easy to follow system to maximise your online profits...

About Us

As the world continues on its strange journey, SMEs are having to adapt to new paradigms like never before.

Theory Fish Digital was set up to help businesses to better run the online side of things, so they can increase revenue & reduce the time spent on endless repetitive tasks!

How It Works

Our easy to follow steps (with links), makes your journey smooth & seamless!

Step 1 - Claim Your Free Business Directory Listing

A business listing in our directory 'Wight Theory' is an integral part of the process. It serves several purposes:

An introduction to our system.

Access to our exclusive 'Island Insider' business hub.

Share in quality leads generated by the directory.

Step 2 - Claim Your Free Initial Overview

Digital marketing is full of acronyms, jargon and very technical stuff. It's almost impossible to know where to start, or how well your existing stuff works together.
Our aim is to simplify the process and provide you with a free personalised initial report!
Simply answer a few questions below and we'll get to work on your recommendations!

If you haven't arrived here without first completing this overview, then this should be your starting point. Click the button to begin.

Step 3 - Browse Our Recommendations

The report is built around the initial overview you completed. You can either scroll all the way through, or jump to any section by clicking on the menu.
Remember, all these services are meant to integrate & work together seamlessly, in order to maximise your revenue.
If you have any questions regarding these recommendations, use the chat app within the report.

Step 4 - Book in Your 30 Minute Video Consultation to Discuss Your Requirements

There will inevitably be quite a few questions around this process & how our services fit in with your business needs.
Our 30 minute consult is there to answer all your questions, to enable a smooth onboarding process!
This is then complimented by ongoing support & an extensive FAQ library, with video explainers.

Step 5 - Review Our Proposal, Select Your Services & Pay Your Deposit

Once you've decided on which tools & services you'd like to build into your online strategy, we move into the final step.
Your initial overview becomes a proposal document, with details of quotations, payments & easy to follow instructions on how to get started, including the ability to sign digitally & pay a deposit via our secure, cardless system!

Our Packages

Our packages comprise of our basic set up 'School', website based 'Shoal' and 'Pod Pro' additions for that final tweak that really sets you apart from the competition!

Contact Us By Email

If you have a query, an email is a great place to start; however, we've found longer email strings become very difficult to keep track of.

We therefore encourage you to communicate with us via our SMS service. All our conversations are saved in our system, making it much easier to follow tasks through to a much quicker and more streamlined resolution...

Why Not Join Our Newsletter!

It's an integral part of our system. As well as serving as a community touch point, it provides:

* Tips and advice on running an online SME

* Suggestions (and discounts) on our extensive vault of brand names

* Competitions and humorous articles related to being an entrepreneur...